1. Anonymous said: Any suggestions on good places for beginners to ride? I tried my driveway (it's huge) but I always hit little pebbles and go FLYING, I need a smooth area, would I look weird at a skatepark bc I'm a longboarder?

    Lunchbox: My best advice is to ride. Just ride everywhere! I used to just ride around my own neighborhood since there were a few up and down hills, but ever since I started to cruise around the city and around my town. I’ve actually found really sick spots that very few riders ever know about. Empty parking lots are great for flatland cruising, tricks and fun. If you spot a sweet hill that isn’t full of traffic or cars, you can always go there for standies, slides, etc. 

    I don’t find it weird to ride around in the skate park tbh. If other skaters try to dog on you for that, don’t let it phase you. Plus, skate parks and longboards are pretty friggin sweet. You rarely see someone pull a 360 transfer on a longboard, much let shuvit as your entrance into the bowl ;) 

    Just remember to wear your safety pads and brain bucket!

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  2. There you go, Kevin Reimer. 

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  3. solitudarity:

    Episode 3 out!

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  4. just watch this!

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  5. Greener Pasture Offshore EPISODE 1!

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  6. Anonymous said: I've never skated before, and I want to get a longboard. What are some good boards for beginners? I'm 5'4 and 120 pounds (not sure if that's relevant). I looked around and saw the Sector 9 Fractal. Would that be a good one to start with?

    For cruising, yes! Any board with the appropriate set of bushings and wheels would be great for cruising. If you’re looking for a commuter however, I would highly recommend a Landyachtz Dinghy. It has a price tag of only $130 complete!!

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  7. Rootlongboards 2013

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  8. this is Louis Pilloni 

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  9. Yes

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  10. Hi5ber

    Affordable Carbon Fibre longboards, sounds too good to be true? 

    I’ll let you guys decide but I’m totally sold on this, Zenith looks like an ace and I need to find a way to make the $200 pledge… 


    Have an amazing day!


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